Do Members Support a Merger of Locals 2505 and 3291?


Poll Results


Arkansas Results

Of 36 votes from Arkansas, one vote was received that was NOT in support of a merger.  This voter was in Jonesboro.


Oklahoma Results




I feel that I would be better represented and have more confidence in representation outside of my service area. (Little Rock)

I think the legistics are too far to everyone whom might want to be involved to get involved. (Jonesboro)

Mergers are a trend in other Unions who realize the benefits of a larger bargaining unit, and the power in numbers. (Pine Bluff)

If a merger will help struggling employees have a shot at something better we should go for it! I'm not seeing anyone else fighting for us and definitely not the Agency. (Sherwood)

I pay money and have no idea what's going on. I support a merger. (Conway)

Merging resources and talents can only benefit all members. (Jonesboro)

My union rep works hard for us. I want her to have all the help she can get. (Pine Bluff)

I'm looking forward to a merger and thank all of the people in the Union who do so much hard work. (Searcy)

We are already sharing our president with Arkansas, so it may as well be official.  If every state had someone fighting like Oklahoma does, work would be a much better place! (Oklahoma City)