Importance:      High

The President of Local 2505 (SSA offices in OK) Ralph Dejuliis has proposed that our Local and their Local merge.  There are pros and cons to the merge.  The merge would have to be approved by the majority of members from both Locals and the vote would happen at a meeting.  I would like for you to talk to the members in your office and get their opinions along with responding to me with your opinions.  The members can also email me if they wish.  I will get back with Ralph on Friday 8/15/08.  I need your responses by then.  I attached a link to Local 2505's website that our own Amanda Lamb helped design.  They also have a newsletter and have meetings quarterly.  If anyone has questions or opinions, please email me.  I will let Ralph know what the majority of responses are that I receive.  I am France (neutral) when it comes to this.  I really want what is best for the Local and for our members.  Please email me your and your members opinions.  I have listed what I believe to be the pros and cons below.  Thanks.

                                        PROS                                                                            CONS

                                        Larger bargaining unit                                          Larger geographical areas

                                        Newsletter and website                          Might be harder to get involved and participate

                                        Ralph is a seasoned rep.                                     How long will he continue?

                                        Pool funds                                                 How well trained are his successors?

                                                                                                       More costly representation (travel, etc)

                                                                                                                   Meeting attendance

                                                                                                                       Increase dues

I'm not sure of the specifics regarding the executive board, local reps, etc.

   fax# 870-931-5943