Good Evening, Joe!
Hope you are having a healthy and fun-filled Memorial Day Weekend.
I was just scanning the May 6, 2008 Indoor Air Quality Survey for Muskogee.) It was mailed to the Union on May 13).
It calls for remediation of "suspect growth" (i.e., mold); removal of water damaged wall debris in air supply ducts area of HVAC Unit # 9, cleaning of that same unit's condensation coils and realign the outside sprinklers away from the building.
Has that been done yet?
If so, please send me documentation to that effect and that the "suspect growth" was removed "utilizing appropriate procedures/industry guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 'Mold Remediation in School and Commercial Buildings'', the New York City Department of Health (NYCDH) 'Guidelines for Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments', and the American Conference of Government Industrial hygienists' document, 'Bioaerosois: Assessment and Control'." (page 7 of attachment)
If the recommendations of the report have not been done, please consider this a formal request pursuant to Article 9, Section 4 of the AFGE - SSA National Agreement for an abatement plan.
The Article and Section requires that: "An abatement plan will be prepared if the abatement of an unsafe or unhealthy working condition will not be possible within 30 calendar days." 
Has the Muskogee staff been notified?
If not, please let me know when such a staff meeting will occur. The Union believes such a staff meeting is a formal discussion.
Will it be possible for SSA to have some one versed in OWCP matters to talk to the staff at the meeting about what would be necessary for any Muskogee employee to document and file for reimbursement of lost leave and medical expenses for "job-related illness" such as respiratory infections / worse-than-usual allergies resulting from the mold in the office?
Even if an employee had a pre-existing respiratory condition, that employee may be entitled to OWCP if that condition was aggravated by job-related conditions, such as this mold infestation. Please see, Article 34, Section 2.A. of the AFGE-SSA National Agreement states that "An employee with a job-related injury/illness (including conditions aggravated by job-related factors) may elect to be placed on sick or annual leave instead of leave without pay, pending approval or disapproval of his/her compensation claims."
Lastly, I was receivng the March, 2008 Office Inspection Worksheet for Muskogee, which can be found on-line at 
or .
There were nothing about wet debris or mold or anything out of the ordinary. How come?
Thank you!
Ralph de Juliis, President
AFGE Local 2505