Management makes multiple changes, won't give 120 day details to SSI CRs, and refuses to respond to Union
Management fails to let Union select its own rep and selects a NON-UNION member to conduct safety inspection
Regional Commissioner deletes information request on formal discussion
Regional Commissioner deletes information and bargaining request on Track 2
Failure in McAlester to respond to info request for bargaining
Okmulgee management deletes health screening info request without reading
Okmulgee management deletes Track 2 info request without reading
Clinton management deletes Track 2 info request without reading
Info ULP - management deletes Union follow-up WITHOUT reading it
Enid Info ULP - PACS fosters open communication UNLESS its with the Union?
Info ULP - less isn't more in Moore
Appraisal info request ULP - Oklahoma City
SSA by-passes the Union
Management removes OIG flyer from Union bulletin board - Moore, 1997
FIVE 1997 ULPs over Tulsa HAA Meetings-by-pass-advanced notice-mngt sponsorship-failure to provide similar space and services to Union
FOUR MORE 1997 ULPs from Tulsa - disparate treatment, by-pass, failure to bargain
Denial of representation during management investigation
Failure to give notice of Duncan relocation
Management talking to Union = lower appraisal
Enid furniture configuration ULP - 1992
Failure to give notice of changes in Enid - 1991
Unilateral implementation of production standard