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I much enjoyed reading your bio and your description of the antics of M.R.    I will add one. During your many disputes with him, I must have lost my temper at one point as that evening while at dinner with wife and kids, I got a call for Joe CUDUY (he never did pronounce my name correctly) and the caller asked what I meant by "things had better change or we would be saying good by shortly".  Luckily for me, I was the one to say good by , leaving for upstate NY before your Nemesis could drive me to a mental institution where he no doubt had more than a few friends. By the way, it was a pleasure having you use our photocopy equipment.  You had a sense of humor which was much lacking in SSA/
I now find that retirement is better than I ever expected and I expected a lot.

enjoy life to the fullest !

joe cuddihy