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Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 1:28 PM
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Subject: INFO: Management Guidance for Processing Reasonable Accommodation Requests


To All Managers,


Social Security is committed to providing equal opportunity to employees with disabilities by employing handicapped persons in a broad range of positions, and ensuring that agency policies do not exclude or limit persons with disabilities.  It is the policy of Social Security to provide Reasonable Accommodations (RA) for qualified applicants and employees with disabilities unless doing so would cause the agency undue hardship.  Managers and supervisors are responsible for assuring that their actions and decisions are compatible with this policy. 


After receiving a request for RA, managers should engage the employee in an Interactive Process (a give-and-take discussion) to ensure that the request receives an appropriate level of consideration.  Once the interactive process has begun, management should request medical documentation from the employee to establish the following:



Once received, the manager or supervisor should send the medical documentation to the Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity (CREO) Staff at:


Office of the Regional Commissioner

Social Security Administration

Attn: CREO Manager Emerson Lattimore

1301 Young St. Room 500

Dallas, TX 75202-5433


The CREO Staff will ensure that all documentation is sent to the SSA Medical Officer in Central Office to determine if the applicant is a qualified handicapped individual.  If the employee meets the medical requirement, the Center for Disability Services in Central Office will provide the accommodation.  However, if the cost of the RA is less than $100.00, local management  is expected to cover the expense from local resource management allocations.  Changes in a condition of employment, such as modified duties, a change in schedule, or the location of an employee, will still fall within the purview of local management.  Please refer to “Requests for Reassignment” which has instructions on how managers should process a reassignment that may be an implied request for RA.


Information about employees with disabilities is available on the OCREO website at

Questions regarding Reasonable Accommodation should be referred to Raul Garduño, EEO Specialist with the Dallas Region CREO Staff at (214)767-3486. 


Dallas CREO Staff