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July 2010

Little Rock arbitration makes front page of Unity.  Naming rights of Fort Smith Pavilion makes page 2.


June 2010

Arbitrator Bankston's decision against SSA in Magnolia Littles arbitration makes cyberFEDS® news


June 2010

"Social Security Must Pay $100,000 Damages for Violating Worker’s Rights"-
AFL-CIO Blog posts about Magnolia Littles arbitration


June 2010

"Social Security Loses Big Time in Arbitration" - posting on Social Security News blog


June 2010

Press release from AFGE about unprecedented arbitration win for Little Rock employee


August 2009

Certificate of achievement presented to Local 2505 for 20% or better increase in membership at 2008 National Convention


June 2009

Breaks are Not Optional by Ralph de Juliis published in June 2009 issue of LocalLine, Local 3172.


April 2009

LP Ralph de Juliis wins his OWCP Hearing and makes cyberFEDS® news


December 2008

Local 3172 (California) publishes "No Fear" article by Ralph in issue of LocalLine


September 2008

UNITY covers Poteau EEO complaint


August 2008

Local 2505 Secretary/Treasurer, Magda Mashburn, star witness for US Attorney in fraud case resulting in conviction.


October 2007

"National Council Digest" publishes clarification from Local 2505 President regarding credit hour provisions.


July 2007

President Ralph de Juliis was recognized for his many efforts to promote the Union and its mission.


January 2007

Local 2505 President gets employee suspension overturned.  Featured in volume 29 of "Unity", national newsletter of Council 220.


December 2006

2505 President, Ralph de Juliis, wins job back for employee. 


July 2006

Local 2505 was recognized for increasing membership by at least 20% during the three year cycle between conventions.


Summer 2002

Local 2505 President / former Executive Vice President of Council 220 represents Union and wins award money for employees.  Story covered by "Southern Unity" newsletter.


December 1998

AFGE Dallas Regional Newsletter announces Ralph de Juliis as AFGE's negotiator in Contract bargaining. 


October 1995

Ralph published in Labor Notes


April 1993

Union Democracy award.