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Representing SSA Field Office Employees in Oklahoma


April, 2009 – Volume IV, No. 2




Dress for Success!


First: there is no dress code. Management proposed one and withdrew it. Also, the Union has won many arbitrations on dress issues such as wearing ties or wearing AFGE logos when meeting with the public.


What about the general advice in all the promotional literature: Dress for the Job You Want!


That only applies to employees who aren't management pets and favorites. They can wear what they want because they are judged by the quality of their work and the content of their character.


Your attitude is far more important to your promotion than your clothes.


Your attitude is far more important than the quality of your work or how much work you actually do. (I am not so naive to realize doing great quality work and doing a lot of work is a totally different animal from having your lists caught up. You can do one without doing the other. For purposes of promotions, having your lists caught up is far more important to your career than being an excellent technician who does a lot of work.)


What do you want management to say when they are giving you career counseling? They can't explain attitude; but, telling you to dress for the job you want, has a nice ring to it! It sounds objective and not subjective. Furthermore, it shifts the BLAME from management to you for your stagnated career because you wore jeans on Friday; you didn't wear a suit; you had a stain on your shirt or tie; your clothes weren't stylish enough; you wore horizontal stripes instead of vertical stripes; your clothes were too ethnic or stylish and hip.


Look: management promotes who they want, when they want.


Please don't delude yourself that we live and work for a merit-conscious employer who rigorously follows merit system principles and promotes based on merit! Of course, some of those promoted are deserving! Somebody has to do the work! But, honestly, the truly well-qualified get promoted AFTER the pets, the favored, the relatives of other SSA management officials and those who suck up to management.


Look at the details and training assignments: How many times have YOU asked to participate and been told that you aren't qualified only to find out later management went soliciting someone less qualified than you because they liked that person!! (How can you NOT be qualified, for instance, for cross-over training when you are a journeyman CR already doing the full range of the job who is not under a PA or OPS?! If someone knew the other Title, why would they need to do cross-over training?! - By the way, ALWAYS make sure you send your supervisor an email memorializing that you volunteered which shows your great attitude and willingness to do more work and take on more responsibility to help the office meet its goals! Things like that tend to be forgotten when management is giving out appraisal ratings of 5s which result in the really BIG ROC awards!)


Management’s latest tactic is to tell you at a staff meeting that there is no dress code AND then to tell you what they like and don’t like. When they change the description of casual into BUSINESS casual, they are trying to enunciate a dress code. As you ponder the attire that you, personally, are going to where to work, remember who management just promoted; remember who management gave the temporary, non-competitive 120 day promotions to a GS-12. Was it you? Then I guess you were dressing okay. Wasn’t it you? Do you really believe that the only reason management isn’t recognizing your talent, dedication, skill and worth is because of the clothes you wear?


May I end on a humorous note?


Management has exhorted you to DRESS FOR THE JOB YOU WANT!! So, why don't you come to work tomorrow in curlers, unshaven, in your pajamas, slippers and a bath robe, with a cup of your favorite morning beverage? When management asks you if you have lost your mind and why you are dressed that way, remind them that they told you to DRESS FOR THE JOB YOU WANT. You have: you are dressed as a retiree!!


All joking aside, when you are tired of seeing your career advancement held in check by those with a better pedigree (related to some manager somewhere), the pets, the favored, those who suck up to management who always seem to laugh the loudest at the DM's staff meeting jokes and who say, "GOOD MORNING" or "YEAH! E-SERVICES" the loudest at staff meetings, or who volunteer to be on every committee your office has but who never volunteer to take an extra appointment or cover the front windows or answer the phones, come to the Union and let us help you!! Check out our website:




We know what to do to get your career back on track!  


(Also, see the below articles on Career Development, the LDP, Recent Promotions and the President’s Message.)







The local settled an appraisal grievance in Enid. SSA lowered an employee in one performance element. SSA raised the lowered rating back to a 5 making the employee ROC eligible.


Due to increased workload demands, the Tulsa District Office had SRs start interviewing at 8:30. The Union demanded bargaining. SSA refused. The Union filed a grievance. SSA denied the grievance. The Union invoked arbitration. SSA declared the SR 8:30 start time an experiment that failed. Tulsa SRs now begin interviewing at 9 am like everywhere else.


Due to increased workload demands, the Tulsa District Office added a 3:15 RSI appointment to the calendar. The Union demanded bargaining. SSA asked the Union what the employees’ and Union’s concerns were. The Union explained that a 3:15 appointment interfered with the employees’ exercise of their flextime rights because there was no way an employee was going to be able to finish at 3:15 appointment by the earliest possible flextime sign out time of 3:30. Management eliminated the 3:15 RSI appointment time from the calendar (after the last already scheduled appointment was completed).



Unhappy with your PACS Mid-Year Review?


Tell the supervisor to write: "Employee declined / refused to sign" AND then don't sign the PACS, the PII or Sanctions Statements either.


It is fine for employees to write a rebuttal to have included in their SF-7B Extension files:


See Article 3, Section 4.B.1:


The employee shall have the right to prepare and enter on the record, while on duty status, a response to material placed in such records.


See Article 21, Section 6.F:


Employees should be given a copy of the feedback and provided an opportunity to include comments.  Feedback information should be maintained in the SF-7B Extension File.

Also see Article 21, Section 6:B:


Supervisory conclusions based upon observations of an employee by management will be timely communicated to the employee during informal discussions and/or the progress review. If the employee disagrees with the supervisory conclusions on individual cases or overall performance to date, he/she may provide management with written rebuttals that will be placed in the SF-7B Extension File. 


An employee may inform his/her appraising official in writing, which includes Email, of factors beyond his/her control that have affected his/her performance. The appraising official will consider such factors when evaluating performance for the appraisal period.  The written documentation will be placed in the employee’s SF-7B Extension File.


If anyone wanted to send a draft of their rebuttal to the Union (along with the PACS write up), we'd be glad to review it and, if you like, email it from US to management (so management knows the Union is already involved).


Here are some things to keep in mind: management never addresses the level 5 standards that you need to meet to get a ROC; management puts up that laundry list of everything they could look at but never explains how that will be used in the overall determination of your rating. Management never addresses the fact that your performance standards have sub elements. How are the various sub elements weighted in determining your overall rating? For example: back in the dark ages, one of our performance elements INTERVEWING. A sub element was COURTESY / RUDENESS. Failing the courtesy / rudeness sub element was so heavily weighted that if you failed that sub element, you failed the entire standard. Management never addresses the fact that it gives you all these lists and goals and then tells you that MORE, FASTER will NOT get you a level 5. Management tells us that there are NO numerics for us. If there are no numerics, why does management give us all these lists and harass the devil out of us to clear 55% of RZs by 3/31, when VIP waiting times are over 16 minutes?!


Since more and faster will not get you a five, meeting their arbitrary goals and clearing every list they throw at you will NOT get us a five in any performance element!  Focus on what is important to you financially: getting two fives in two elements of your performance rating so you can get a ROC award.


Also, there are no specifics to their criticisms. When did this happen? Ask them, why did you wait until March to tell me?


The Union suggests you work in the above into your rebuttal. AND, it is never too late to rebut.


Are you a non-member? Does the above seem like a bit much? Would you like the Union to write your rebuttal and send it to management for you? This is what we do and we are very good at it:




Send one of us your PACS discussion and with a completed and signed 1187:




Leave the rest to us!



Member Updates


Several of our members have been approved to participate the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP). 


Tulsa member Sam Lewis is a disabled Viet Nam veteran, who suffers from multiple impairments, including most recently, acute abdominal problems secondary to acute perforated diverticulitis, which required emergency.


Shawnee member Heather S. Collier has a newborn with a positive maternal serum screen for Downs Syndrome.  Time will be needed for Heather to care for her special needs child such as several testings for hearing and gastrointestinal malformations, consultations with feeding specialist, early interventional classes like physical therapy, and various doctor appointments with pediatric cardiologists and ophthalmologists.


Pine Bluff Member Tonya Dees with a serious medical condition.


Tulsa Member Beverly Moore who has an immune deficiency disorder.


On a happier note, CONGRATULATIONS to our members who recently received Regional Honor Awards: Tamara Stubblefield (Moore,), Defawna DeLay (Moore) and Kassie Pierce (Moore)!!


If you have anything you wish to share, please email us! Weddings, births, graduations, special joys or concerns.


The Union isn’t really the contract, the constitution, the by-laws and the charter. Those are only inanimate pieces of paper. The REAL Union are living, breathing people, many of whom you know in your own office, many of whom you don’t know. Well, you should get to know your fellow members!



Career Development: OPM Approved Training


The Union has noticed several OPM approved training programs geared to career development and asked SSA if they would approve duty time and reimbursement of expenses for employees who wished to participate. They were the League of United Latin American Citizens-Federal Training Institute; Blacks In Government Annual National Training Conference & Federally Employed Women’s National Training Program; and Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Government National Training Conference.


As of this writing, SSA has not responded to us. That does not mean you should wait on SSA to decide it can’t spare you from answering phones, interviewing and that it has no money after it pays for ½ of the cost of each supervisor, MSS  and manager’s personal liability insurance (PPM S871_1)!


The Union urges you to specifically make a request for SSA to pay for those AND ask SSA to include them in your Individual development plan. Article 16, Section 4


Section 4. Career Development


Career development for individual employees shall be encouraged through establishment of an Individual Development Plan (IDP).


A.    The administration agrees, on an annual basis, to provide information and assistance, if necessary, to employees for the purpose and means of establishing IDPs.  The approving management official will also be identified.


B.    Because of the nature of their appointments, IDPs are not appropriate for term or temporary employees.


C.      Employees may initiate IDPs through their designated management official.  The designated management official will, if requested, assist the employee in the preparation of the IDP and will review it with the employee to assure conformance with organizational needs and individual career needs.  The plan will be referred to the designated approving official and the employee will be notified of approval/disapproval or the need for modification.


When they refuse, request EEO Counseling. Actually, contact the Union and let us request EEO counseling on your behalf. We name ourselves as the rep.


Also, NOMINATE yourself! Send your manager an email: " Pursuant to Article 16, Section 5 of the AFGE National Agreement, I nominate myself for this government-sponsored training program.“


Section 5. Training Programs


A.    The Administration will remind employees, at least annually, of the availability of Government-sponsored training programs, the general scope of training, the criteria for approval of training, and the nomination procedures.  The Administration agrees to advise individual employees, upon request, of currently available Government-sponsored training courses so as to provide the employee the opportunity to express timely interest.


B.    Training nominations and/or approval will be based on the potential use of the training in the employee’s current position, or IDP if any, and other criteria established by applicable law, rule or regulation.  Nominating and approving officials will apply such criteria equitably.


C.    When an employee is nominated for training, a copy of the employee’s IDP, if any, will be attached to the nomination and will be considered in the process.  Employees will be notified in writing of the approval or disapproval of their nominations and the reason for disapproval.  To the extent feasible, employees will be notified of the approval or disapproval prior to the starting date of the training.  Should an employee’s nomination for training, including training courses contained in an IDP, be disapproved for lack of resources, the employee may be renominated as funds later become available, and the nomination will be given first consideration.


D.    Employees or managers may initiate discussion of individual training needs.  Such discussions may or may not be linked to an IDP.


As above, when they refuse, request EEO Counseling. Actually, contact the Union and let us request EEO counseling on your behalf. We name ourselves as the rep.


Time to hold SSA's feet to the fire for repeatedly passing you over for promotion AND for giving you track 2 assignments that give you more work (which is okay) but saving the GS-12 temporary, non-competitive 120 day promotions for the fast-trackers who are being groomed for promotion!





 In August, 1991, hard-line communists attempted a coup d'etat in the Soviet Union. The coup leaders sent a Red Army Tank group to seize the Soviet Union's seat of power, the Supreme Soviet. They were met there by the President of the Russian Republic, Boris Yeltsin, who persuaded the tank group to join the forces of democracy and not support the coup.


Later when asked why he did that, which was incredibly brave but potentially fatal, he said he was inspired by the Union leader of Solidarność, the Polish Free Trade Union, Lech Wałęsa. (That strike resulted in the legalization the non-Communist controlled Unions in Poland and led to the collapse of the Communist government in Poland).


Wałęsa was asked where he found the courage and inspiration to go on strike against the Communist government in Poland. He said he was inspired by the life of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.


Dr. King had been asked in an interview what inspired him to become a leader in the American Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King said it was the courage of Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white.


So there you have it: Rosa Parks through her example of courage and her refusal to suffer indignity, injustice and discrimination is responsible -- a generation after she refused to give up her seat on the bus -- for the final downfall of International Communism. How? By inspiring Dr. Martin Luther King, who inspired Lech Wałęsa, who in turn, inspired Boris Yeltsin not to yield to the tanks and forces that would have turned back the clock in the Soviet Union to tyranny, injustice and the rule of power, not law.  


When you are faced with a choice: either to be a victim, to give up your seat and slink, tail between your legs, to the back of the bus OR to oppose indignity, unfairness, favoritism and discrimination, I want you to know that I and our Local Union, AFGE, will stand besides you, to make history with you and give tangible results to the high-minded words in Article 3, Section 2.A:


All employees shall be treated fairly and equitably in all aspects of personnel management and without regard to political affiliation, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, parental status or disabling condition, and with proper regard and protection of their privacy and constitutional rights.


The parties agree that in the interest of maintaining a congenial work environment, Agency employees will deal with each other in a professional manner and with courtesy, dignity, and respect. To that end, all Social Security employees should refrain from coercive, intimidating, loud or abusive behavior.


I'm an officer in AFGE because I think things in our workplaces need to be better and, that we need to be treated better!


We are more than the last interview or list or goal we completed. We are more than the last detail or promotion for which we were passed over because a pet finally had a year in grade and is being informally groomed for an SSA career beyond interviewing non-stop from 9 until 4:30 (because the fast trackers are mentoring, on special assignments and preparing training and other duties not offered to the rest of us); we are more than unnamed, unappreciated drudges who follow in the wake of the fast-trackers cleaning up the messes they left!


I can't promise you that your personal courage in standing up for yourself will change history 30 years from now; I even can’t promise we will win your grievance or EEO complaint or ULP; but, I can promise you that nothing will change for you or anyone else if you silently "suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune".


There are plenty of reasons to turn the other cheek and NOT to fight. I'm not emailing you to provide you with more excuses. I'm emailing you to fortify you for whatever fight you want to pick!


In SSA in North Carolina, The Union arbitrated a grievance filed because


The Agency has allowed its agent … to berate, disrespect and demean the employees at the Washington office repeatedly and without cause.


The Union won.


SSA is a tough place to work: too much work, too little staff, too many lists, etc.


Pick a battle!


In one office, an employee decided to fight over being charged 1/2 hour of annual leave to collect money for a Black History Month luncheon. After two hours to prepare and present the issue to an EEO Counselor, management decided to cut its losses and agreed to restore the 1/2 hour of annual leave charged.


Another employee complained to management about one of management's pets being rude and surly.


Naturally, it was turned around so that the employee who suffered the abuse got another tongue lashing from management about how her complaint could negatively impact the employee's appraisal because it showed a lack of Interpersonal Skills.


The employee merely had to disagree and tell management that the original incident was not professional and was not conducive to maintaining a congenial work environment. (Article 3, Section 2.A) The employee did not have to mention that they spoke to me. Contract language does not come trippingly off the tongue of most employees: it was obvious they talked to me and the next thing that would occur would be for me to visit the office. Management apologized to the employee for the tongue lashing. -- Since the management pet is also being nicer, we assume the pet was told to direct her outbursts to coworkers who would suffer in silence and not contact the Union.


You can see from the above examples that both employees came to the Union. In one case, the employee spoke to management and the issue was amicably resolved. In the other case, we had to use a dispute resolution process (EEO counseling) to get the matter resolved.


Picking a battle simple means standing up for yourself.


Sometimes, you need to do it with the Union beside you; other times, you just need to make sure management knows the Union is waiting off stage. In both cases, the employees have newly found self-respect and self-confidence!


So what are YOU waiting for? If you don't think it is worth contacting the Union about, if you don't think it's worth bringing it up to management, then WHY does it bother you so much? Why does it or something similar always keep happening?


It is worth contacting the Union and talking it over with us!


It can be not being allowed to mentor; it can be not being asked to be on some committee for some office function; it can be not being asked if you'd like an afternoon off to prepare training or going to a contact station; it could be a BIG SIGH every time you put in for leave because of a sick child or elderly parent; it may be not getting an award or only getting one five on your appraisal; it may be never getting promoted.


We are here for YOU!


Sentiments remain mere words; heralding hopes, wishes and poignant nods. Unless they are grounded in reality, behavior, respect, attitude, and renewal, they become the words of controlling processes, pacifying the resigned, fortifying the concentrators of abusive power, and ever manipulating the trusting populace ... Ralph Nader


Ralph C. de Juliis, President

AFGE Local 2505


Phone Monitoring


SSA Management may NOT silently monitor your phone calls. SSA Management may NOT use phone data to ride you about the number of voice mail messages that you have and/or what is taking you so long to respond to them.


We have enough work and enough lists to watch without another one for our voice mail messages.


I think we all know that if we don't return calls quickly, the caller keeps calling back and we end up with TEN calls from that person instead of just one! That is sufficient motivation without harassment from our supervisor!


It is really important for your mental health that you stand up for yourself.


In one office, the supervisor went so far as to use the phone system data to find out how many calls the employee had in voice mail and when the employee last accessed their voice mail. The supervisor demanded the employee make a log of every one of their phone calls: when received, when the employee contacted the caller, when the issue was resolved.


That supervisor had the nerve to ask the employee what was taking so long for the replies and expressed surprise that for two days there were no phone calls!


The supervisors never bothered to look at the calendar to see that the days with no calls were SATURDAY and SUNDAY. The supervisor didn't remember that they had approved leave for the employee or that the office had been closed for a day and closed early and late other days because of weather which accounted for the delay in listening and responding to voice mail message. None of this employee's co-workers were under this kind of scrutiny or required to keep such a log!


This employee had enough and, after a discussion with the supervisor, the supervisor backed off. 


If you aren't comfortable telling your supervisor to leave you alone and let you do your work, feel free to name drop and tell your supervisor that you need some time to talk to Ralph. Better yet, send them an email telling them you want to talk to me about that situation and openly cc me in the email.


You will be surprised at how willing management is to work with YOU rather than having to deal with me!


The Leadership Development Program


This is for those who are unhappy with their scores.


TECHNCIALLY, you are NOT harmed by a mediocre or worse score. You have a cause of action when SSA uses the score to make selections. So, do not panic that you haven’t contacted the Union already. You have NOT missed any time frame.


If your Local management won’t give you the time of day in explaining your scores, if they act clueless regarding what you can do to improve your scores for the next time the LDP comes around, contact the Union!!



Recent Promotions


Several employees are ready to stroke out about the selection of junior employees who have been hired in 2004 being promoted over the senior employees who trained and mentored them.




So, please let me explain the plan for getting you the promotion you deserve.


The chances a quick first fight and of winning the first fight you pick aren't that good; it is not inconceivable; but, it isn't the rule. Even if you have a great rep and a great case, management is NOT going to cave in right away because they lose face. Management needs to see if you are serious and if you and your Union Rep are up to a fight. For example:




You have probably never heard of Ron McNamara. He was a Union Rep in headquarters. He rarely won an employee's promotion and EEO but he was ALWAYS ready to go. He explained his secret to me and I'll pass it along to you.


The employee applies for a job they really want; they don't get it; they file an EEO complaint with him as the rep. Of course the counseling does not lead to a resolution. A formal complaint is filed. In the mean time, the employee applies for more vacancies. They aren't selected; they request EEO Counseling. On all the subsequent complaints, REPRISAL is added to the complaint. Eventually, management offered a priority consideration to make all the pending EEO Counselings and formal complaints go away. The employee exercises their priority consideration on a job they really want; they are selected.


So, you MUST be persistent!


Next, you must NOT make excuses for management. For instance, "I don't know if I should file. I'm an SSI CR and this MSS/OS is going to supervise the SR unit." BALONEY! Supervisors rotate. Most offices aren't big enough to support an OS for the SRs, an OS for the T2 CRs and OS for the T16 CRs. Tulsa is such an office AND they rotate the OSs. How could an OS ever expect to get promoted if they never supervised any unit other than the SRs?!  My supervisor told me that he lobbied to be the OS of a particular unit. He was told he was going to supervise the unit in which he had NO PROGRAM knowledge. He asked why. He was told because SSA was promoting him to supervise others. If he knew the work and saw a problem, he was likely to roll up his sleeves, jump in and take care of the problem. That was a BAD supervisor. If he saw a problem, as a supervisor, it was his job to train, motivate, lead and inspire his unit to get the job done! If that failed, it was his job to lean on them and take appropriate discipline or performance action to get his unit to do the work. So, there you have it, SSA's position is that JOB KNOWLEDGE is a HINDRANCE to being a good supervisor.


Here is another example of that. One of my Union colleagues was a GS-12. He wanted a GS 13. He applied for GS 13 jobs and was rejected because he had NOT done Agency work since the early 80s. He knew he didn't have a chance with a reprisal grievance or EEO complaint. He applied for a GS 12 manager's job, which was a lateral. HE WAS SELECTED!! (Management hated him enough not to promote him out of the bargaining unit but didn’t hate enough not to lateral him out of the bargaining unit and keep him from being a Union official). He profusely thanked SSA and declined the lateral reassignment because of changed personal circumstance. Then he promptly started applying for GS 13 jobs. Again, he was rejected because he hadn't done Agency work for, by this time, the last 25 years. He filed a reprisal complaint because his failure to do agency work in 20 years and his lack of program knowledge did not disqualify him from being an office manager!! SSA settled and created a stand-alone GS 13 job for him.


So, you must work the system. We, you and the Union, are never going to stop management from taking care of friends and family and favorites. We just want them to take care our family, our Union members, also. We'll play the game and play by their rules; and, they will take care of our Union family, also!!

Do NOT de-select yourself. "Oh, I'm not mobile." I understand. When our former Regional Commissioner Horace Dickerson transferred from head of OCRO to Dallas as RC, as I recall, SSA paid to move him and re-train his wife. SSA can pay for your move and re-train your spouse, too. BESIDES, you've applied locally where they know and love you. You were not promoted. What makes you think they are going to take you someplace else where SSA has to pay a premium (relocation expenses) for you over local people they already know and know they can work with? NOT!! Apply!! If you are LUCKY, you will get promoted as my colleague did in the above example. If not, you have another EEO Counseling Request.


Now, if every one of you does this, we are going to have no settlements and lots of EEO hearings. I know that is NOT going to happen because everyone wants more money, but not everyone wants more work and wants to be in management. Do NOT de-select yourself!!


I've talked to employees who are frustrated because they've done every Track 2 assignment management has given them. Talking to them for a little, I found out that their Track 2 assignments did NOT include a 120 day, non-competitive temporary promotion to a GS-12. So, their non-selection EEO complaint could be settled for a 120 day detail that puts them into a better position for a promotion (since they can prove they can do the job before a permanent promotion).


The remedy may be an Individual Development Plan (Article 16). Did you know that one manager's IDP called for him/her to serve as an acting Area Director?! Naturally, SSA in our Region had no openings. SSA created a tiny, rump area for this person's IDP assignment in SE OK / NE TX!


The moral of my story is that "where there is the will, there is the way." When SSA wants to promote a friend or favorite or relative, they have the will and find the way. When SSA wants to give someone a Track 4 AD assignment, they have the will and will find the way, even if it is to create a temporary baby Area.


SSSSSSSSSoooooooooo…Why are you stuck? Because SSA has not found the will!! Contact your Union Representative and we'll figure out how to help SSA find the will to find the way to promote you!!



Legislative Action


Paid Parental Leave Bill: The House federal workforce subcommittee last week passed an AFGE-backed bill that would provide federal employees with four weeks of paid leave after the birth or adoption of a child. The Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act now advances to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

"Despite the protections of the Family and Medical Leave Act, federal workers are among those who must choose between a paycheck and meeting their family obligations because they currently have no parental leave," said AFGE Legislative and Political Director Beth Moten. "Under current law, no part of the leave under FMLA is guaranteed to be 'paid leave,' a fact that effectively prevents many workers from using FMLA at all. It's an unnecessary hardship that can be solved by this legislation."

The bill, H.R. 626, was introduced in January.  A week later, a companion bill, S.354, was introduced in the Senate by Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va.

Congress Seeks Pay Parity: The House and Senate Budget Committees last week passed the 2010 budget proposal with language supporting equal pay raises for federal civilians and military members. President Obama's 2010 budget proposal calls for a 2.9 percent raise for service members and a 2 percent increase for civilian employees.  

"This budget language makes absolutely clear that this Congress is committed to federal employee pay parity and that we intend to approve adjustments this year that are equal across all sectors of the government workforce," House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said in a statement. "As we fight two wars abroad and confront significant challenges here at home, both the armed services and the federal civilian workforce are critical to carrying out the responsibility of government to protect our nation and serve our citizens. Pay parity ensures that compensation adjustments reflect the equally valuable contributions civilian employees and military personnel make in service to this nation."



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