LOCAL 2505 Meeting
January 24, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Local President Ralph DeJuliis at 11:30AM
The meeting was held at B Jís Brew House at Quail Springs Mall, 2425 W Memorial, Oklahoma City, OK.
The meeting notice was included in the January 2009 Newsletter which was mailed timely to all active members and all retired members.

Attending were: Ralph DeJuliis (President), Carol Lewis (Executive Vice President), Mitzi Brooks (First Vice President), Mary Roberts (Second Vice President), Magda Mashburn (Secretary-Treasurer), Johnie Dandridge (Moore DO), Retired Member Janet Harris and Retired Member Kathy Barrett


Minutes of the prior October 18, 2008, meeting were previously submitted to all who attended the October 18, 2008, meeting and have also been listed on the web site.

Mitzi moved the minutes be accepted as submitted. Janet Harris seconded the motion.


-Checking and saving account statements were discussed.
-Follow up was made with CPA on the 2007 audit.
-The 2007 990EZ was submitted in November after CPA verified it was accurate.
-Status rebates and organizing expenses reimbursements: Mike Kellyís office agreed that District 9 owed us more money per prior agreement. Their funds were depleted but they would forward us a check in the near future for the money Local 2505 was shorted.

-Barbara Sanders with District 9 retired. Her replacement is Donna Brooks.
-Information was furnished on free training offered by OLMS.
-Decision was made to waive any overpayment caused by reduction in mileage reimbursement passed 1-20-09 but retroactive to 1-1-09.

-A report was given on the Regional Meeting held 12-9-08/12-10-08 in Albuquerque.
-Other training such as the AFGE 2009 Legislative & Grassroots training 2-8-09/2-11-09 in Washington, DC, and the Human Rights Training 3-23-09/3-26-09 in Las Vegas were discussed. No interest was expressed in nominating anyone to attend.

-The 2009 Budget listed below was proposed and debated. It was noted the Local would probably not spend all the money budgeted for arbitrations or for the District 9 or Regional Meetings. Magda moved to pass the budget. Carol Lewis seconded.

All voted in favor and the budget passed unanimously.

AFGE Local 2505 Budget for calendar year 2009


Savings Account BOK $18,074.30
Interest Savings Account $ 300.00
Checking Account BOK
(after AFGE/Council pmt of 12-31-08) $15,973.25
Dues: 145 active members x $13.95 per pay period $52,591.50
Dues: 6 retired members x $60 per year $ 360.00

TOTAL $87,599.05


Convention $ 6,000.00
FLRA Training $ 4,000.00
District 9 Meeting
(includes registration fees, travel, per diem) $ 2,000.00
Regional Meeting
(includes registration fees, travel, per diem) $ 2,000.00
LWOP Reimbursement $ 0.00
(includes registration fees, travel, per diem) $17,000.00
Other Training
(includes registration fees, travel, per diem) $ 0.00
Postage $ 700.00
Local Meetings/Travel for officers $ 1000.00
Local Representational Travel $ 4000.00
Miscellaneous $ 500.00
Office Supplies/Computer Supplies $ 1,000.00
Publications $ 0.00
CPA (audit and other) $ 1,000.00
Organizing/Lunch & Learns/Recruitment
(includes registration fees, travel, per diem) $10,000.00
National Per Capita 145 active members
@ $18.55 per month $32,277.00
National Per Capita 6 retired members
@ $2.05 per month $ 147.60
Council/Regional per Capita 145 members
@ $1.60 per month $ 2,784.00
Legislative Conference
(includes registration fees, travel, per diem) $ 3,000.00

TOTAL $87,408.60


Kathy Barrett discussed the possibility of returning to partnerships between SSA management and the Union. Nothing definite is pending as the new Obama Administration is just starting. There was nothing else to report.


All litigation has been listed on Local 2505ís website except the following:

Tulsa Loss of annual leave
Oklahoma City on a demotion
A formal EEO complaint in Tulsa on non-selection
A formal EEO complaint in Poteau on termination


It appears management no longer refers to MSS but instead to OS. Any promotions to MSS are subsequently referenced as OS. This includes even the temporary 120 day details. Since this does not affect the Union, no further discussion was necessary.

Gas mileage reimbursement: the reimbursement rate was changed 1-20-2009 from 58.5 cents to 55 cents effective 1-1-2009

Motion was made if agreement were made to merge with AFGE Local 3291 into Local 2505 if we would accept

Carol moved that Local 2505 accept a merger with Local 3291
Magda seconded
Debate proceeded
Motion to accept the merger and amend the constitution was tabled to the next meeting



Meeting was adjourned at 1:05PM

(Subsequently, it was noted that the time and place of the next meeting hadnít been set. The officers agreed that the next meeting will be Saturday, April 25, at the home of Secretary-Treasurer, Magda Mashburn at 11:00AM)