LOCAL 2505  Meeting

April 25, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Local President Ralph DeJuliis at 11:20AM

The meeting was held at the home of Local Secretary-Treasurer, Magda Mashburn
(3837 Highpoint Ct, Norman OK).

The meeting notice was included in the April 2009 Newsletter which was mailed April 10 to all active members and all retired members. A meeting notice was posted on the Website. The meeting notice was also listed in the January 24, 2009, minutes. Both the separate notice and the notice in the minutes were posted on the Website prior to the 15 day required notice.

Attending were: Ralph DeJuliis (President), Carol Lewis (Executive Vice President), Mitzi Brooks (First Vice President), Mary Roberts (Second Vice President), Magda Mashburn (Secretary-Treasurer),  Retired Member Janet Harris and Johnie (Moore DO) who didnít attend the first part of the meeting. 

Protests were voiced by Mitzi and Jan that the meeting was not legal.

The basis for the protest was that the bylaws call for a notice posted on office bulletin boards 15 days prior to the meetings. No such notice was posted. Mitzi said members had contacted her and stated they might have been able to attend had they been notified timely. (One could not arrange a baby sitter because they didn't receive the Newsletter with the notice that the meeting would be on April 25th. Mitzi noted that she did not receive the Newsletter until April 14th when she got home from work and got the mail). Mitzi did not wish to furnish names. She stated these members contacted her by either e-mail or calling her but did not want to elaborate or give more details or proof. No calls or e-mails were received by Ralph or any other members.

Ralph noted the bylaws specifying that meeting notification was to be posted on the Union board of each office had not been followed for 6 years as several offices had not had any Union reps for years nor did they have an active Union board for posting. Office Union bulletin board postings could not be seen by members on extended leave or retirees.

Ralph said he would treat the protest as a "Challenge to the Chair" in that the Chair was ruling that the meeting was legal and would proceed.

Voting YES would uphold the chair's decision that the meeting was legal and should proceed. Voting NO supported the challenge that the meeting was not legal and should not continue. Motion to continue the meeting received 3 yes votes (Carol, Mary and Magda) and 2 no votes (Mitzi and Jan). The vote supported the Chair's decision that the meeting was legal and should continue.

Decisions in regard to the AFGE National and Council conventions both occurring in August 2009 in Reno, NV, were tabled for the next meeting. We can send two delegates based on our membership. The per capita payment has to be received by AFGE not later than June 25. Credentials have to be received by July 25. Results of the election and the Localís constitution including AFGEís stamp of approval also have to be submitted timely.


Minutes of the prior January 24, 2009, meeting were previously submitted to all who attended the January 24, 2009, meeting and were listed on the web site. Corrections to the minutes consist of deleting Kathy Barrett as one of the attendees and that we cannot name the specific person who discussed returning to partnerships in the Legislative Report.

Carol moved the minutes be accepted with the correction mentioned above. Mary seconded. The Secretary's Report was accepted. There were no votes against accepting the Secretary's Report.


-Checking and saving account statements were discussed.
-CPA completed the 2007 audit and no errors were noted.
-Documentation would be given to CPA prior to the next meeting to complete the 2008 audit
-The 2009 Bond was paid.
-The Local's income consisted of dues (including the dues of an OS wishing to remain a member) and $555.79 from Ralph. The Local had previously reimbursed Ralph for his travel expenses to the Regional Meeting in December in Albuquerque. After some delays, Council 220 reimbursed Ralph in March. Ralph subsequently reimbursed Local 2505 for any money he recovered from Council 220.

-LM3 was timely submitted to the Dept of Labor March 30. Letter dated April 16 indicated they had not received it. Letter was sent to them April 24 that it probably crossed in the mail and to re-contact us if they still didnít have it so we can resubmit it and to please correct my name from Macda to Magda.  

A motion was made to accept the report. Carol accepted and Mary seconded. The Treasurer's Report was accepted. There were no votes against accepting the Treasurer's Report.



There is no budget yet. Overtime has been freed up. There is no award budget as of now. Witold sent a memo re questions remaining in regard to Commissioner Astrue. The budget provided for 3500 new hires averaging 2 per office. However, the lion share will most likely go to TSCís.

Resources will be devoted to expand managementís accessibility to more and more lists so management will be able to pull up these lists from any location.

California and Illinois laid off DDS workers even though the Federal Government pays the cost of their employment.

Proposed legislation as to sick leave related to FERS employees passed the House and is pending in the Senate.

SSA did not offer an early out for the first time in years.


        -non-selection EEO
        -MOU on Woodward Contact Station

        -Temp TE grievance

        -Appraisal grievance

        -EEO complaint in regard to distribution of walk in interviews
        -Step 1 grievance concerning an employee being forced to take AL because part of an IVT session was missed (note IVT is not mandatory)

        -Section 10 regarding non-purging of 7B file
        -Section 10 on not permitting Muskogee SRs to work Saturday overtime in Tulsa ODAR

Oklahoma City:
        -a BIG WIN for President DeJuliis on proposed demotion - management withdrew the proposal. Retroactive back pay, interest, WIGI and career ladder are expected

        -6 employees filed OWCP on a frightening hazardous material incident that occurred 4-13-09 which resulted in the office closing, all employees having to shower at an emergency unit set up on-site, changing into scrubs and going to the emergency room.

        -Step 3 should be completed by 5-16-09

        -Award grievance needs to be scheduled at step 3
        -appraisal grievance needs to be scheduled at step 3
        -3 grievances were settled (PACS, 1 temp TE detail, 1 admin leave grievance) with appraisal raised from four 3's to two 3's and two 5's and a 120 day detail to GS 12 TE.

        -ULP on changing office hours and lunches and bypassing bargaining with the Union

        -Appraisal grievance awaiting information
        -Big win for 2nd VP Mary Roberts: OWCP case won
        -AL grievance resulted in leave being restored
        -3:15 PM appointments removed from calendar
        -SRs no longer open front windows at 8:30


Merger with Arkansas, Local 3291 (Tabled from last meeting):

Ralph stated it was a great idea. It would give us the advantage of becoming a bigger local. We would be in the top 4 locals in size. There is great strength in numbers. The sum would equal more than its parts. The greater membership strength would allow us to force a vote from Council 220-Dallas Region to eliminate its 60cents per member per month per capita for which our members have little or nothing to show. It would also give us another 50% slot (500 hours) in official time. Local 2505 currently has 150 members. Local 3291 has about 140 members.

Motion to merge with Arkansas was made by Magda contingent on Arkansas having a similar motion/vote and agreeing to the merger. Carol seconded. Debate proceeded. Mitzi requested an explanation on the procedure involved. No new elections would be needed for Local 2505. Arkansas consists of 16 offices with 2 officers and 10 reps. Our Local has been contacted several times to deal with issues for Arkansas members (changing work assignments, hardship reassignment, awards, PA/OPS, denial of part time, removal, 120 day suspension, 90 day suspension, non-selection, denials of admin leave in inclement weather, etc.). Council 220-Dallas Region has refused to send contract trainers to train Local 3291 reps because Council 220-Dallas Region doesn't have time. Local 3291 doesn't really have enough official time to train everyone, anyway. The last meeting the Arkansas Local had was in June 2008. The Arkansas Board is resistant to the merger. However, feedback by members shows the majority would favor the takeover and having the benefit of being represented by Local 2505 and its President, Ralph DeJuliis.

A question was asked if multi-state locals were common. LP De Juliis said that the entire Seattle Region (WA, OR, ID, AK) is one local. The entire New England Region is one local. The Philadelphia Region consists of two locals: one for MD and one for the rest of the states in the region. There is one local covering NC, SC, Northern GA and Western TN. The Denver Region has two locals: one for the Salt Lake City Area and one for the rest of the region (CO, WY, MT, ND and SD). There is one ODAR local for the entire Atlanta Region. There is one ODAR local for the entire San Francisco Region. Multi-state SSA-AFGE locals are common.

There was no further debate and debate was closed.

Vote was taken to accept the motion to merge with Arkansas. Four ayes (Carol, Mary, Magda and Johnie) and 2 nays (Mitzi and Jan) were received. The ayes carried.

Proposal was made to change the bylaws.

Currently, the bylaws state notification of meetings will be made by a posting on individual office boards and notice shall be posted 15 days prior to the meeting.  This has not been adhered to for years. Many offices neither have a Union rep nor have a designated active Union board. Proposal to use the Newsletter to be postmarked 15 days prior to the meeting as notification was tabled to the next meeting. Announcement will be made in the next Newsletter.


There was none



Carol made the motion to adjourn. Mitzi seconded. Meeting adjourned at 1:40PM.

The next meeting is set for July 18 at 11 AM and will be in Tulsa.