Saturday, June 9, 2007

The meeting was called to order by Local President Ylita Edd at approximately 1 PM.

The meeting was held at the home of Local Secretary-Treasurer, Magda Mashburn (3837 Highpoint Court, Norman, OK).

(The Meeting Notices are attached.)

Attending were: Ylita Edd (President), Ralph de Juliis (Executive Vice President), Magda Mashburn (Acting Secretary-Treasurer, OKC DO), Mary Roberts (Moore DO), Johnie Dandridge (Moore DO) and Jeff Wade (OKC DO).

Secretary’s Report: the minutes of the March Meeting were distributed.

Treasurer’s Report: a bank print out of the checking and savings accounts were distributed and discussed. (Attached)

Legislative Report: The discrepancy between new SSA Commissioner Astrue’s comments (to Congress about staffing up and reducing backlogs) and his support of the President’s budget proposal (no money for more staffing) was noted.

Litigation Report: The Local has requested dates from Arbitrator Wang for Judy Bollinger’s grievance (attached). Ralph de Juliis moved that the Local authorize payment for arbitration of the Chickasha TE promotion grievance (attached). Magda Mashburn seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Unfinished business: The Local is still waiting for the CPA to finish the 2006 audit, at which point copies need to be sent to the Department of Labor.

New Business: Local 2505 Secretary-Treasurer, Michelle Schmidt, resigned on Friday, June 8. Magda Mashburn was appointed to replace her as Local 2505 Acting-Secretary Treasurer.

AFGE 9th District is having training for new financial officers. Ralph de Juliis moved that the Local send our new acting Secretary-Treasurer, Magda Mashburn, pay the costs and reimburse travel and per diem expenses. Jeff Wade seconded. Since there is no dollar amount in the Local’s budget (attached) for training, Ylita Edd made a friendly amendment to authorize up to $600 in travel and per diem expenses. The motion, as amended, passed unanimously.

The Local has requested that the 9th District and the FLRA provide instructors for Local Representative Training at the end of September (attached). National Vice President Kelly said he would provide an instructor. The Local has not received a response from the FLRA.

The Local 2505 Organizing Plan was discussed (attached).

ACTION ITEM: Ralph de Juliis will submit it to AFGE 9th District National Vice President Mike Kelly for approval.

Awards: Local Office SSA Awards panels with bargaining unit members no longer exist under the current AFGE-SSA National Agreement. Most offices still have awards panels. However, the awards panels now consist only of management officials. When employees find out that they weren't selected for an award, they need to remember they only have 15 work days in which to file a grievance. It may turn out that the aggrieved employee wasn’t nominated or the nomination was perfunctory and cursory. Accordingly, all employees should remember to nominate themselves. No one knows better than they, themselves, the many little things they do that can make a big difference in qualifying for an award.

The next meeting will be Saturday, September 22, 2007 at Magda Mashburn’s home (3837 Highpoint Court, Norman, OK). The meeting will be at noon.

The plan is for Ralph de Juliis to get another newsletter done by late August. The newsletter will contain (1) the notice for the 9/22 Meeting, (2) an announcement that the Local will be holding elections for an election committee later in the year and solicitation for volunteers to serve on the election committee. If Ralph is unable to prepare and mail the notice for the meeting, he will notify acting Secretary-Treasurer Mashburn so she has sufficient time to prepare and mail it.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 2:30 pm.




Ralph de Juliis