Local 2505 Local Meeting Minutes – 04-22-2006 2:00 pm to conclusion

New Business Continued

After extensive discussion and consideration of relevant sections of the Local 2505 Constitution, it was decided that the President will call a regularly meeting for Saturday, June 10 as permitted by the Local’s constitution. Under new business, the following agenda items will be listed that should cover all of the concerns expressed dealing with Local elections, conventions, proxies, delegates, alternates, payment of expenses. It will require sending a notice of this meeting to the last know home address of all members at least 15 days in advance of the meeting. Magda Mashburn volunteered to do the addressing of envelopes, the envelope stuffing and mailing. Ralph will provide her with the addresses and the Meeting Notice.

The items included under new business will include:

Deciding if the Local will send delegates or a proxy to the Council 220 Convention and National Convention.

If the local decides to send delegates, the local is only entitled to TWO delegates to the C220 and National Convention. The constitution names the Local President, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Vice President (in that order) as delegates-by-virtue of office. The Local must decide if the EVP will be an alternate and if the Local is going to have other alternates to either or both conventions.

Decision on reimbursement of travel costs for delegates and alternates to the Council 220 Convention and AFGE National Convention

Selection of an Election Committee; election committee selects a chair and secretary

Chair of meeting turned over the chair of the election committee to receive

a. NOMINATIONS for the office of Secretary-Treasurer;

b. Nominations for any convention alternates the Local may have decided to send

Other New Business: Neither of the retired members present had received a bill for their yearly retired membership ($28). The Secretary-Treasurer should send all retired members a bill. Ralph de Juliis will get a list of the retired members to Michelle and their last known home address.

The next general membership meeting of Local 2505 shall be at the Dell City Public Library at 1 PM on Saturday, June 10, 2006

The meeting adjourned at 2:45.