Saturday, March 24, 2007

The meeting was called to order by Local President Ylita Edd at approximately 2:20 PM in the conference room of the Enid Public Library.

(The Meeting Notice is attached. It was e-mailed to reps for posting in offices with reps/contacts; it was mailed to retirees and members in offices with no reps/contacts.)

Present were: Ylita Edd (President), Ralph de Juliis (Executive Vice President), Mitzi Brooks (1st Vice President), Magda Mashburn (OKC DO) and Beverley Williams (Enid DO).

The Secretary’s Report was distributed (attached). Ralph de Juliis moved that it be accepted. Mitzi Brooks seconded. The Secretary’s Report was unanimously accepted.

Though there was no Treasurer’s Report, several treasurer issues were discussed at this point.

Included with the Secretary’s report was the two page report of the CPA hired to do the Local’s 2005 Audit. It was discussed separately. No action was taken on the CPA’s 3 recommendations. No one knew if the audit had been sent to AFGE National District Offices. No one knew if the papers had been brought to the CPA for the 2006 Audit.

ACTION ITEM: The Secretary Treasurer, if she has not already done so, will send a copy of the 2005 Audit to the National Secretary-Treasurer and the 9th District National Vice President.

The Local’s checking account summary from 12/06 to the present was distributed (attached). The Local’s savings account summary from 12/06 through 2/07 was distributed (attached).

ACTION ITEM: The status of the 2006 Audit needs to be discerned.

Ralph de Juliis took and voided a check to send to Dallas Regional Office to attempt to get direct deposit of the members’ dues withholding check which the Agency sends the Local every two weeks.

An explanation of how the new Local 2505 dues amount was distributed. (Attached) The new amount will be 150% of National, Council and Regional per capita, rounded to the nearest multiple of 5¢ per the Local’s revised constitution. The new amount is $13.95 per pay period.

ACTION ITEM: Ralph de Juliis will notify Regional Office of the new amount.

ACTION ITEM: Ralph de Juliis will prepare a newsletter. One of the items therein, will be a notice to the members about the new dues amount.

A proposed 2007 Budget was distributed. (Attached) Concern was expressed about various budget categories.

It was noted the Local would probably not spend (and historically never has spent) all the money budgeted for Arbitrations. Money is budgeted for District 9 Meetings. Money is budgeted for Regional Meetings. None were held last year. None have been planned so far. It was noted that District 9 is planning a spring meeting; the Local is not planning to attend; so, that money will, most likely, not be spent. The Local has budgeted for two people to attend the AFGE Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. That was last month. The Local didn’t send anyone; that money will not be spent.

Ralph de Juliis moved to pass the budget. Magda Mashburn seconded. The budget passed unanimously.

There was no legislative report. There was discussion by some of those present who had registered with AFL-CIO Working Families that they had received responses from OK Senator Coburn to their e-mails asking him to support a higher minimum wage. Senator Coburn responded he could not in good conscience vote for such legislation because it would hurt OK families by reducing the amount of their welfare assistance checks!? Senator Inhofe didn’t respond to anyone’s e-mail.

The Litigation Report was distributed and discussed (attached). The Local also has one complaint pending with the Office of Special Counsel that was not included on the written report. Ralph de Juliis moved that the Local authorize 4 arbitrations: (1) the Enid Reprimand Grievance, (2) the Moore Leave Restoration Grievance, (3) the Bartlesville Untimely Dues withholding Section 10 Grievance and (4) the Tulsa Refusal to Process an Article 24, Section 9 grievance. Mitzi Brooks seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

There was one item of new business. Former Local 1923 attorney, Mike Snider, who is now self-employed representing Federal Employees, proposed that the Local consult with him and let him review all briefs before submission for arbitration. SSA has already agreed to his hourly rate of $509. He would not bill the Local if we lost; if the Local won, he would bill SSA. No motions were made; there was no sentiment to accept his offer.

There was no unfinished business.

The next meeting will be Saturday, June 9. It will be at Magda Mashburn’s country-vacation retreat: 125 West Lake, Medicine Park, OK. The Local will provide lunch. The time of the meeting wasn’t set.

Medicine Park is about 6 miles west of 44, off of 49, just north of Lawton. It is on the northern border of Ft. Sill. It was noted that there are a lot of bed and breakfasts in the area because of its proximity to the nature reserve / wildlife refuge. Before and after the meeting, members and their families may enjoy watching buffalo roam in a natural, unspoiled prairie habitat and admire the wild flowers.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 3:30 pm.



Ralph de Juliis