October 18, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Local President Ralph DeJuliis at 11:45AM.
The meeting was held at Napoliís Restaurant, 221 W Randolph, Enid, OK.
The meeting notice was included in the September 2008 Newsletter which was mailed timely to all active members and retired members.

Attending were: Ralph DeJuliis (President), Mitzi Brooks (1st Vice President), Magda Mashburn (Secretary-Treasurer), Members Michelle Schmidt, Susan Clark, Heather Smith, Jennifer Jones and Retired Member Janet Harris.


Minutes of the July 12, 2008, meeting  were distributed.
Since none of the attendees except for Ralph DeJuliis and Magda Mashburn were at the July 12, 2008, meeting, information on prior action items was provided as follows:

-The 2 dropped retired members were re-instated after receipt of their dues
-Notification was made to Dana Calahan to remove 4 employees from the dues withholding list since they transferred and are now under the jurisdiction of other AFGE locals.

-990EZ was furnished to the CPA April 7. It was due to be submitted to IRS May 15. The CPA requested an IRS extension for November 15.

-The 2007 audit has not yet been completed. The documentation for the 2007 audit was submitted to the CPA April 7, the same time as the 990EZ.

-As noted before, copies of 990EZ, audit and LM3 will be furnished to Ralph to forward to Mike Kelly and to post on the website after the 990EZ and the audit are received back from the CPA.

-Mike Kelly was contacted and indicated that the Local would only be reimbursed $20 for bonus bucks. Comment was made by Mitzi that the $50 bonus bucks to the member should be reduced. It was pointed out that this had been addressed at the July 12 meeting and bonus bucks were reduced from $50 to $25 to be more in line with the $20 reimbursement from Mike Kelly.

Mitzi moved the minutes be accepted and Jennifer seconded the motion.



Checking and savings accounts bank statements ending September 30, 2008, were distributed.
Explanation was provided on deposits from withholding dues direct deposits and the
$14 x 2 from a management member remaining in the Union. Rest of deposits were as follows: $175 reimbursement for dues for Hutcherson by Lollie (Local 3184); reimbursement from Mike Kelly bonus bucks for 3 members @ $20 a mth; reimbursement from Mike for organizing which appeared to possibly have been for Ada Lunch and Learn of 6-9-08.

Mitzi requested that in the future, bank statements for the 3 preceding months would be furnished instead of just for the last month.

Mitzi brought up we may need to re-evaluate Lunch and Learns since Mike Kelly will only pay for Ĺ of the food at best and denies having ever agreed to pay for travel.  Mention was made by Janet Harris the decision to charge retired members $60 a year for dues might need to be revisited as she felt that was steep since retired members are on a fixed income. Local President DeJuliis asked if anyone wanted to make a motion. No one did. This item would fall under new business if pursued.

Mention was made I ordered checks through Checks in the Mail at $23.77 for 4 boxes (600 checks) which was a huge savings. The bank had charged $17.60 for 4 books of checks (120 checks). Unfortunately the initial offer from Checks in the Mail wonít apply on a reorder but we can concern ourselves with the cost whenever it is reorder time.

Mitzi moved to accept the Treasurerís report as presented. Susan seconded the motion.


AFGE National sent every Local a radio ad featuring AFGE National President John Gage asking the Local to pay to run the ad. Due to the prohibitive costs, Local 2505 could not pursue this.

There were no other legislative items to be discussed



We have several grievances pending against RO dropping members from the dues withholding list without notifying the Local; processing drop requests when members arenít in the proper time frame and not transferring members to our Local when we have jurisdiction after they transferred

Poteau 8 discrimination complaint: Final counseling was completed. Grievances are pending.

OKC: Grievance on travel expense. Step 1

Bartlesville Dues Case:  The Union filed exception to the arbritratorís decision.

McAlester: Track II temp TE promotion 120 day detail was given to the only male in the office. The offer was not made to any of the female employees qualified. An employee requested EEO counseling. The Union filed a Section 10 grievance.

Shawnee: Two step 2 grievances were denied. One grievance was on appraisal, the other on awards. The Union is pursuing step 3.

In a separate case, the Agency stated an employee would need to resign if she needed more than 6 months maternity leave after the birth of her special needs baby.  Local 2505 brought it to the local managerís attention that not only did the employee have 308 days (224 days maternity leave and 12 weeks of Family Friendly if requested), she also could be authorized to participate in the donated leave program.

Appraisal grievances in OKC, Enid and Moore were successfully settled resulting in higher appraisal ratings for all 3 employees and resulting in ROCís for all 3 employees.

Enid: AFGE and SSA settled the Enid SR award arbitration by giving ECSA awards to each SR.

Arkansas:  Local President DeJuliis is representing several employees in Arkansas (arbitration on part time conversion in Searcy; a 90 day suspension and 120 day suspension and a removal in Little Rock; an award grievance pending arbitration in Pine Bluff). Any costs related to litigation in Arkansas is reimbursed by the Arkansas Local


President DeJuliis has proposed the Oklahoma and Arkansas Locals merge.
A survey for membersí opinions has been posted on Local 2505ís Home Page.

AFGE will have a Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, in February 2009. Estimated cost $2000 per person. Since no interest was expressed, no motion was made to send anyone.

AFGE will have a Human Rights/Fair Labor Practice meeting March 23, 2009, in Las Vegas. Cost estimated at $1000 per person. Since no interest was expressed, no motion was made to send anyone

Discussion of Council 220 & AFGE Convention in Reno, NV, in August 2009. Estimated cost $1500 per person. Local 2505 is entitled to 2 delegates and additional observers.

This item is deferred to drafting the 2009 budget, Line Item: Convention. 

Discussion to send local officers to FLRA Training in Dallas. Estimated cost $1000 per person. No motion was made. This is deferred to drafting of the 2009 budget, Line Item: Training


There was none.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 24, 2009. Magda will find a location in the Oklahoma City or surrounding area.

Meeting adjourned at 1:20PM.