Local 2505 Meeting
Saturday, January 12, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Local President Ralph DeJuliis at 11:22AM

The meeting was held at the home of Local Secretary-Treasurer, Magda Mashburn (3837 Highpoint Ct, Norman, OK)

The meeting notice was included in the December 2007 Newsletter.

Attending were: Ralph DeJuliis (President), Magda Mashburn (Secretary-Treasurer), Mitzi Brooks (1st Vice President), Johnie Dandridge (Moore DO), Mary Roberts (Moore DO).

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Minutes of the November 3, 2007, meeting had been previously submitted to all in attendance and also to Ylita Edd (former President) and to Carol Lewis (2nd Vice President). The December Newsletter had been previously mailed to all in attendance and to all Local 2505 members including Carol Lewis and Ylita Edd. Secretary's report was submitted and no comments received.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Distributions were made of the following checking and savings account bank statements:

- October 31, 2007; November 30, 2007 and December 31, 2007
- Explanations as to income and expenditures were furnished.
- The issue of missing and confusing rebate reimbursements from District 9 and/or National has not yet been resolved.

- Also pointed out it appears the bonus rebates have been reduced to $20 from the agreed upon $50.

ACTION ITEM: Per Ralph's recommendation, Magda will contact Mike Kelly of District 9 directly via phone 820-9818 or e-mail KellyM@AFGE.org and see if the discrepancies can be resolved by Mike.

Magda obtained forms from BOK (Bank of Oklahoma) to update the signers on the checking and savings account as follows:

- Drop Ylita Edd.
- Add Carol Lewis. Ralph DeJuliis and Magda Mashburn remain as signers as before. BOK also linked the checking account to the savings account as overdraft protection.

Adjustments to the 2007 budget by category will be submitted at a later date and handled at the next meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Magda will compile 2007 expenses by categories.

The 2008 budget was proposed and debated. It was noted the Local would probably not spend all the money budgeted for arbitrations or for the District 9 and Regional meetings.

Mitzi Brooks moved to pass the budget. Magda Mashburn seconded.

The budget passed unanimously.

The 2008 budget is listed below:

AFGE Local 2505 Budget for Calendar Year 2008


Savings Account BOK #805178626 $17,755.31
Interest Savings Account $ 300.00
Checking Account BOK #805178615 $ 8,618.86
Dues: 133 members @ $13.95 per pay period $48,239.10
TOTAL $74,913.27


District 9 Meeting
(includes registration fees, travel, per diem) $ 2,000.00
Regional Meeting
(includes related registration fees, travel and per diem) $ 2,000.00
LWOP Reimbursement 0.00
(includes related travel-local and overnight) $17,000.00
(includes related travel and per diem) 0.00
Postage 700.00
Local Meetings
(includes related travel/lunch for attendees) 1,000.00
Miscellaneous 500.00
Office Supplies
(includes computer supplies and software) 1,000.00
Publications 0.00
CPA (audit and other) 500.00
Lunch & Learns/Recruitment
(includes related travel/lunch for attendees) 5,000.00
National Per Capita 133 active members
@ $18.55 per month 29,605.80
National Per Capita 41 retired members
@ $1.55 per month 762.60
Council/Regional Per Capita 133 members
@ $1.60 per month 2,553.60
Legislative Conference
(includes related registration fees, travel, per diem) 3,000.00


LEGISLATIVE REPORT: The only item discussed was the pay raise.


-Ralph invoked arbitration on SSA's refusal to give awards to Enid S/R's. Johnie moved to authorize the arbitration and Mary seconded.

-Information requests have been ignored by SSA management on Appraisal grievances for 3 employees. ULP's will be filed.
-2 of 3 award grievances are pending
-Justification for awards in Tulsa. Need add Enid as those employees also did not receive award justifications.
-TE position in Chickasha is pending but is not actively pursued
-Woodward Contact Station-formal notice sent
-Bartlesville arbitration pending
-Non-selection greivance of Ms. Stidham (Davis) was settled with a priority consideration.
-Collection of delinquent dues from SSA for Ylita Edd, former Local 2505 President
-Ada grievances (3) will not be arbitrated as not pursued
-Shawnee management admitted numerical evaluations were in error
-Section 10 on SSA's failure to properly complete final EEO counseling for Ms. Morgan (Shawnee).


Installation of Officers:

The new officers were sworn in:

Ralph DeJuliis, President
Magda Mashburn, Secretary-Treasurer
Mitzi Brooks, 1st Vice President

Nomination and Election of Executive Vice President: Request to be nominated for EVP was submitted in writing by Carol Lewis (current 2nd Vice President). She was unable to attend in person due to an illness in the family. Her request also stated if nominated at the meeting, she would accept.

Since this was a mid-term election, no election committee was required.

Ralph nominated Carol for EVP. No other nominations were received. Carol was elected by acclamation as the new EVP. Since this leaves the office of 2nd Vice President vacant, this position will be advertised in the next Newsletter and handled as new business in the next meeting. Carol was sworn in as EVP via phone.

Local 2505 Web Site: this issue was tabled for a future meeting

A Local Rep for the Oklahoma City office is needed because of Ylita Edd's retirement 1-4-08:

Ralph will serve as the offsite rep and already has notified Oklahoma City management of this. Magda will serve as a liaison as needed.

2008 AFGE Legislative Conference: Due to time and financial constraints, no interest was expressed for any one of Local 2505 to attend.

9th District Caucus scheduled May 17: Mike Kelly will send info and forms for proxy. Motion to table the issue for next meeting was made by Magda.

Increase in members' dues: this issue will be addressed in the next News Letter which will also contain notice of the next meeting so interested members can attend and discuss the proposed increase.

Discontinuing Local 2505's payment of dues on behalf of retired former AFGE members:

The Local is being charged $2.05 per retiree per month. This issue also will be addressed in the next News Letter which will contain notice of the next meeting for interested retirees to attend and discuss.


Next Meeting of Local 2505 is scheduled for April 5 at 11AM at the residence of the Secretary-Treasurer in Norman, OK.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 3:00PM